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A digital version of the 24-page manga-inspired comic about stars and black holes.

Kuurou is a protostar, a young star, lending his services at a military research facility, which he's lived inside his whole life. With his help, scientists are learning how to manipulate the genes accounting for a star's mass, and trying to uncover secrets about supermassive black holes.

Newly promoted Major Epsilon Leonis has been assigned to Andromeda, and finds that her fired predecessor has been covering up whatever activities are going on at this lab on the city's outskirts. She resolves to get to the bottom of this, plus to finally get some respect from her subordinates!

kūrō (pdf)

  • Book versions of zines are a physical product, a book that will ship to your address. PDF versions are a digital file that you can download and read on your computer or any device that can open .pdf files

  • My zines all contain mature themes and language, and aren't suited to children under 13.